“Keeping and Honoring Our Word” Mini-Retreat, Part 2

On Saturday, October 20, our Ridder Team held our second mini-retreat (8:30-noon) of the Fall for our Ministry Team Leaders.  In this retreat, we reviewed the content from the first retreat to make sure the content sunk in.  Then, we moved on to what we call the “workability conversation.”  This conversation is about how systems keep and honor their word.  

It is our conviction that systems have workability if they are living into the full design as God intended them.  It is also our conviction that God created everything with a design, the design is broken, God desires restoration, and that we get to be co-participants in that restoration.  

In the framework of keeping and honoring our word, this means that we give our word to things which do not yet currently exist.  (We give our word to God’s design, a design that is not currently evident).  

This blew our participants minds because of the paradox we presented: last time, we asked them to close integrity gaps (gaps between their word and their actions).  This time, we asked them to create integrity gaps.  (First, give their word to God’s design, and afterward, try to live into it)  It’s a lot to internalize, but our people did well.   It will definitely require some follow up, especially because we have asked Team Leaders to have this workability conversation with their teams:  

Does our team live into God’s design?  If not, what is that design and how can we give our word to seeing that design come to fruition?

Here is a link to the full notes on this retreat (including the schedule, the presentation notes, the solitude guides, and the feedback).


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