“Keeping and Honoring Our Word” Mini-Retreat

At Heartland, most of the basic ministry takes place through the various Ministry Teams.  Therefore, a good portion of our ministry and mission depends on the team leaders being empowered and equipped to lead well.

We have also been part of the Ridder Church Renewal process over the past few years.  We have a team of six people that are being personally transformed and slowly seeking to have others transformed by the very same experiences.  (notice, not transformed by the information, but the experiences.  Experiences transform.  Information does not)

Thus, this past Saturday, our Ridder Team held a mini-retreat (8:30-noon) for our Ministry Team Leaders.  It is the first of a few retreats around “Keeping and Honoring Our Word.”  Two important notes about this retreat.  First, my role was minimal.  The members of the Ridder Team did all the presenting and leading.  It’s evidence of their maturity and our theology (priesthood of all believers)  Second, this retreat did not help these leaders focus on their teams.  Rather, it helped them focus on themselves.  We are operating under the assumption that personal transformation precedes corporate transformation.

Here is a link to the full notes on this retreat (including the schedule, the presentation notes, the solitude guides, the feedback, and the homework).

Our retreat was fantastic (see the positive feedback in the notes).  The presenters owned the material and kept people engaged and the participants “got it”.  Here’s some of my reflections on the morning

  • presenters add levels of meaning as they make the material their own and present “in their own words”
  • people love to work on themselves (why have a fear about their level of excitement when engaging this material on a Saturday morning?)
  • I was reminded that when they first hear the conversation about integrity, most people start feeling guilty  (even I have some guilt … need to encourage people about healthy guilt vs. unhealthy shame … Romans 8:1)
  • the teaching pattern works (present, reflect with God, reflect with others).  the information becomes very ingrained and deeply personal in a matter of hours.  Nonetheless…
  • … the transformational learning model is a necessary next step (now that they have the info, they need to put it into practice and then reflect with a supportive, life-giving coach) … don’t worry, we gave them 3 homework assignments 🙂  (see the notes)

I’m eager to see how people do with the homework and then, go deeper at the next retreat


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